MyMCPS Helper

MyMCPS Helper is an app that allows MCPS students to check their grades. MyMCPS Helper also allows students to edit and add new assignments to see how the changes would affect their overall grede. The app is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Pebble Apps

Delegate Tracker is a pebble app that lets you track the delagate count of all the canidates in the 2016 presidential election.

Debt Clock is a pebble app that shows you how much the US national debt is.

News lets you read the begining of popular news articles on your watch. The app uses the New York Times api's to get the articles.

StockFace is a customizable watchface that lets you track stocks of your choice. StockFace uses the yahoo finances api to get data about the stocks.


AsisText is a virtual assistent that you text. Asistext can do many things like search Wikipredia, do a Google Images Search, get the weather, set alarms, give you stock data and much more. AsisText is very usefull for people who dont have an internet connection but can text. Asistext uses Twilio.


GotGas is a website that will show you a route to a destination like google maps. However, unlike google maps GotGas will show you the route that will use the least gas acording to your cars MPG. GotGas is hosted on linode and uses the google maps api. is a social media app that shows the users other nearby users with similar interests. is an android app written in java. The backend is written in PHP. The PHP code accesses a MySQL database hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Leap Piano

Leap Piano is a virtual piano written in java that uses the Leap Motion to track your hands. I wrote this program at BitCamp, a hackathon at UMD.

Hex Editor

Hex Editor is a text editor written in java. It doesnt actually edit hex but it has many other features. It has syntax highlighting and a plug-in system built in. You can easily write plug-ins that are dynamically loaded at runtime and add even more features.